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The user has a huge choice and alternative to almost any product or service. You only have a split second to grab attention and hit the bull's-eye right away. UI and UX design helps build consumer trust and get them to use your app or website by giving them what they are looking for.

When creating interfaces, we focus on the opinions of users, which we receive directly: we observe, test, and understand their needs. Here we have collected several cases on creating interface prototypes and testing them.
The goal is to create a prototype and test hypotheses of a real user in the "Smart Office" system, conduct user experience testing and product interface, analyze and summarize customer experience for the development of the system. The result is an estimated demand for the proposed functionality of current users, or recommendations have been created for the user presentation of the system's functions, both in terms of design and in terms of usability.
Case #1. Usability testing of a mobile application prototype for smart office management
In order to find the best product development solutions that are used in services such as Discord, Twitch, WeChat, Slack, TikTok, Zoom, Stereo and in two local products Dizhua (China), Yalla (UAE) and analyze the disadvantages of Clubhouse, to exclude them in an MVP:

- sizdev analyzed the path of users from the first interaction page to the most relevant targeted actions, for example, such as sending an invite, starting a voice chat, creating an audio server, etc.
- designers created an interface map for each competitor with ranking (feature, recommendation, error in UX, UX blocker)
- designers prioritized recommendations and features identified in the services understudy
Case #2. UX audit of competitors for the audio social network
The objectives of the study are to test hypotheses, to identify possible barriers among users. Methodology - high-quality moderated testing in a remote format. Most of the respondents coped with the tasks, while errors in the interface of average criticality were revealed. After making changes to the prototypes, they received screen layouts for creating MVP.
The goal is to test a prototype for a parking payment service in a shopping center. To approximate the testing conditions to real research, it was carried out on the territory of two shopping centers in Moscow. The respondents were driving a car, dropping into the parking lot, and then using the prototype to solve the problem with payment. The result is a ready-made and convenient prototype for an IT solution, payment for parking in a matter of seconds.
Case #3. Usability testing of a service prototype for online fitness
Case #4. Field usability testing of the service for paying for parking in Moscow shopping centers
The goal is to test a prototype of a service for ordering food at food courts in shopping malls. As in the previous case, testing was carried out in a combat situation - hungry respondents ordered food at a food court using a UX prototype. Sizdev's analysts managed to get unexpected insights and make changes to the order script. The result is a ready-made and convenient prototype of an application for choosing food from several restaurants in a couple of clicks.
Case #5. Field usability testing of service for ordering food at food courts in Moscow shopping centers
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