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Allen D King
Allen D King
Passionate about helping start-ups launch new digital products through lean custom software development. Over 20 years of experience in education, business, leadership and entrepreneurship. Actively involved in start-up communities of Los Angeles, California. A primary goal is to empower entrepreneurship in Moscow, Russia. The primary investor and co-founder of sizdev. Growing up with both American and Russian experiences, he helps bridge the cultural gaps in doing business internationally.
Sasha Morozov
Sasha Morozov
More than 10 years in IT industry. Began as an engineer for the development of electronic devices and transitioned into a product manager position. Participated in helping Yandex launch
a new mobile browser. Led the Sberbank application development team for Sber Online. Has practical experience in digital product creation for fintech, medtech, and blockchain products. Enjoys helping start-ups and businesses realize their vision in creating disruptive technology.

Project Manager
Over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Project and product management professional. Fedor holds a long track record of working with banks, insurance companies, and dynamic startups. He loves interesting projects that implement the use of cutting edge technologies. His expertise ranges the gamut of product development. From researching to prototyping to developing to optimizing for SEO (search engine optimization) to managing advertising campaigns that help market and launch new products.
Lead Designer
He has been working as a designer
for over 6 years. Anton's dynamic expertise covers complete interface development to prototyping (before software development). His previous work as a front-end developer has given him specialized experience and a unique perspective of the entire development process. In his leisure time he enjoys studying popular tutorials for designers. Anton has a dedication in monitoring current trends and constantly learning new skills such as animation, 3d, and illustration.

Product Designer
Hold over 5 years of experience in complex web and mobile systems. He offers expertise in prototyping and the ideation phase for new products. His professional work has ranged from areas of fintech to medtech with government tenders to numerous CRM and ERP systems. Alexei strongly believes that setting a clear goal in product creation is the most critical and vital undertaking. Originally he studied programming, but discovered that design was closer to his heart. Ironically, he enjoys listening to bad music and eating tasteless food.
Senior Designer
She has been designing for over 6 years.
Has created international advertising campaigns for major brands. Lina is constantly studying new trends and directions in design. Her skills include graphics, branding, motion graphics, UX research and 3D. An avid fan of 3D graphics (especially 3D characters) you will most likely find her drawing them. Lina finds joy that her profession as a designer is helpful, necessary and useful.

Branding, Graphic Design, UX
Has more than 9 years of specialized experience working with brands around the globe. Her specialties include branding, identity, concepts, UX-research, web, packaging and illustration. Alice draws inspiration from philosophy, psychology and music. She takes responsibility in building a unified strategy for proper perception of a brand by its consumers. Alice believes that when you implement the use of design correctly (as a tool) you can find the middle ground between aesthetics and functionality.
Head of Development
He has over 5 years of work experience leading development teams. His broad and extensive expertise ranges from front-end development to back-end development to mobile development to devops. Sergey loves designing large, and complex systems. His core approach and belief is that focused software development is about solving a business problem. He practices this by diving into the product, the needs of the client, and continually checking that we are staying the course.
Python Developer
Holds a specialization in Python, engineering data and development. Work experience in Java. He has studied additional institution based courses in data structures, C++ and implemented classical algorithms. Vladimir handles the server side of our applications, and aids in the development of its infrastructure. His enormous passion for solving problems that arise is only parrelled by his unique ability in solving them.
Front-End Developer
Truly loves being helpful, and an incredible team player. Is adamant about keep up with everything and focusing on peak productivity. Utilizes programming as an artist would a paintbrush. Alexey's motivation for creating works that benefit people is unshakable. Being able to positively contribute through his art motivates Alexey to the depths of his soul. He has zealously been studying, and learning new technologies. For the last couple
of years he has been writing web applications in React.

Front-End Developer
Has over 6 years of commercial development experience as a front-end engineer. Roman managed to implement many projects, which are still functioning and solving business problems. He loves to study new technologies, consolidate old knowledge, and continue growing as an elite professional. In his free time you may find him engaged in game development, studying history, mythology, and re-reading Tolkien.
Flutter Mobile Developer
He began programming at 15 years of age. Alexandr has been developing Flutter applications since 2019. Besides Flutter, he has written mobile applications for Android, full-stack solutions in JavaScript, parsers and servers in Python. He is fond
of full-stack applications in Flutter + Nest.js (TypeScript).

Flutter Mobile Developer
Has been fond of mobile development since high school. He graduated
from the Samsung IT School (Android development). Since his acquaintance with Flutter (2 years ago) Dmitriy has managed to: implement several solutions for small businesses from
the catering and retail sectors to actively participating in two tech startups. One of them is a Skolkovo resident (Walkscreen, Watts Battery) of which he developed an MVP application
for the FC Sochi fan support center.

Senior QA Engineer
For over 15 years Alexey's credo has been to search for, find and fix bugs. As a young teenager he began to repair computers, smartphones and tablets (mainly software issues). He thrives in the solving complex issues and technical defects for clients. In 2017 he discovered the QA (Quality Assurance) engineer profession and was instantly enamored by it. His abilities are second to none. Alexey has dedicated himself in continuously innovating his approach and improving performance efficiency.
Product Analysis
Product Analysis
Has both client-side and entrepreneurial experience under his belt. Askold has successfully worked in the field of mobility, telecom, real estate and legal. Created several startups, and was the winner of an accelerator. Additionally, he has won a battle of startups featuring contestants from varying countries. His internal fire burns to find new niches, understand user needs and product growth points. Askold loves helping products and projects go from 0 to 1.
Product Analysis
She has over 7 years of experience working in finance and investments. Olga continually strives to learn. She follows the news, studies trends, continually finds diverse and useful information. Her responsibilities include finding respondents, participating in research projects, and recruiting new employees. She enjoy discovering what users need inorder to determine the priority functions of a product and its points of growth.
Account Management
Sales Manager
He has been working in sales for 4 years. Dmitry worked his way up from assistant director to senior sales manager. His work experience has been in IT, telecom, e-sports and gaming. He enjoys being the link between cool product development teams and customers. Dmitry believes that there are no unattainable goals in professional environments, "There is always a solution, but sometimes you need to find a new approach and motivation in order to succeed". His aim is to help clients find it.
Sales Manager
At the dawn of his career, he
worked as a labor economist
in manufacturing enterprises. He has participated in selling corporate gis solutions (last mile logistics), site optimization, and routes of trade teams. Additionally, Kirill sold reference and legal computer system products. His previous experience as an entrepreneur evoked a fire for creating new products.

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