Telefitness for the biggest network of fitness
clubs in Russia

Analytics, UX design, UI design, Development
A project on development of a telefitness system began in Russia (Moscow) in early 2021. The main goal of creating a software solution for the client was to create a digital channel for interaction with customers, increase their level of loyalty, and develop new methods of monetizing the client's expertise in organizing fitness trainings.
In addition to the large-scale user research already carried out by the customer, sizdev conducted UX testing of the developed prototype of the mobile application. This allowed us to determine the most convenient options for user interaction with video content and trainers.
The MVP development in several iterations in the spring of 2021 provided a good opportunity to test all collected product hypotheses. Currently, telefitness applications have united customers and fitness clubs in several federal districts of Russia, regardless of the influence of the pandemic. Active development of applications is still going on; it is aimed at increasing the level of loyalty of customers of fitness clubs, additional channels of monetization of applications are being extensively examined, too.