Market Research & User Research

The key to any successful business is to understand the wants of your customers and provide those wants in a way that works well.
Marketing research helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, and corporations make the best, informed decisions. Market research is a crucial component when you are launching a product, improving a running product/service, or improving strategies to get ahead of your competitors.
User research helps create the best overall user experience. This is achieved by understanding the expectations, behaviors, and motivations of users (discovered through intense methodological research). Seamless solutions for users can be easily developed with this data. Our experience and portfolio consists of numerous user-research and market-research projects successfully completed for varying sectors.
For a startup that creates an audio social network, sizdev analysts conducted in-depth market research and provided comprehensive information on the development and launch of their service.

Research Objectives:
- business model clarification for the product
- defining a strategy for attracting and retaining users
Case # 1. In-Depth Market Research for Audio Social Network
While working on this project, an overview of "Social + Audio" tendencies were discovered. The specific mechanics of going viral for this niche were collected, and monetization models were also proposed.
The goal was to detail a business plan for the development of a large ecosystem of different services. The purpose was to identify the values of these services for target customers and to identify hypotheses that better balances profits with risks. In this case, we identified several services in shopping centers, prioritized future work on them (paying for parking, ordering food at a food court, etc.) and worked out (in detail) the values of these services for potential users (in person) directly at the service facilities.
Case # 2. Market Research for an Ecosystem of Services Based on a Loyalty Program
"Customer Development for a Brokerage Firm Buying Securities"

In conducting this user research we identified and prioritized their hypothesis. The product development strategy was made and ranked based on the greatest potential. Additionally, we prepared user experienced (UX) recommendations for creating the required functionality needed for their automated brokerage system.
Case # 3. User Research for a Fintech Product
We investigated different ways to develop a software product for the operation of real estate objects - "Smart Office". The goal was to test the feasibility of their product development hypothesis, while taking into account current changes in customer behavior. Our team discovered that the development strategies of the "Smart Office" hypotheses had errors. The cost for implementation and the level of demand among users did not meet expectations and requirements. Our research helped the company avoid losing money on creating unnecessary products. Additionally, we found the "pain" of the customer and the growth points for the client's services (an added bonus).
Case # 4. User Research for a Smart Office Management Tool
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