Launch Products Successfully
in the United States

Our company is uniquely positioned to help international based companies expertly launch products into different markets within the USA (United States). Our software-development professionals are located throughout the states, and internationally. Our client relations and strategic partnership office is conveniently located in Los Angeles, California with satellite offices in New York and Hawai'i.

Breaking thru Barriers with Intercultural Business Communication

Launching successful products in a foreign market require specialized expertise.
Have you conducted Market Research with a local company?
Did your User Experience Research consider multi-cultural differences present in your target users?
Will your business approach engage trust or offend your target audience?
If you already considered the above questions already or have already taken the correct actions we commend you. Adapting a product for an international audience can be overwhelming. Our company is always open to discussing new product launches into different international markets. Our experience may benefit you, and we may able to help point you in the right direction. Break through international business barriers with confidence.
User research provide the data, which you can use to improve your products
Will it help to establish local partners that you may count on to help with unforeseen problems and cultural obstacles?
Will your UX Design meet new market standards? Have you completed UX Testing with the proper candidates, conditions and controls?