CRM-system for surf schools

Analytics, UX design, UI design, development
A project on development of a specialized CRM system began in the United States (California) in the spring of 2020. The main goal of creating a software solution for the client was to increase the level of service and customer satisfaction at the surf school.
Despite the complicated pandemic situation and the high dynamics of changes in client's requirements, the MVP solution was launched in the summer, and after field tests and operational tests, it was reinforced with new functionality and improved user interfaces.
Modern approaches to mobile and web solutions development have ensured a quick commissioning of the system, which became a crucial factor in the 2020 season, full of uncertainty and burdened by pandemic and lockdowns.
Relying on the data on the real-time operation and the user experience collected during the process of development from an MVP stage to the stage of a full-fledged solution, it was possible to significantly reduce the labor costs of surf stations personnel and provide them with a convenient mobile tool for interacting with guests. The customer noted that the operation of the CRM system made it possible to "improve the level of service and simplify routine processes."
The experience gained allowed sizdev to enter the US market in 2021, with a universal SaaS solution for surf schools. The product is currently being actively marketed on the West Coast. Its development is aimed at capturing and keeping a significant market share in the state of California.